Sarah’s 2014 Goal Sheet

As mentioned here, I have some things I’d like to do sometime, and 2014 seems like a good enough time to do them. In no particular order, here’s a list of things that would make me happy. Each month, I’ll pick something from this list to focus on. However, I may get a headstart on some things if I have extra time. There’s no way I’ll finish all of this in 2014, but I’m super excited to try as many as possible.

  • Have people over more often.
  • Make our house OUR house. I’m not completely sure about what this means, but I’ll figure it out.
  • Create a bedroom that we can relax in. Right now, something’s “off” about it. It’s probably the pile of laundry next to my side of the bed.
  • Sell something on Etsy.
  • Transform the guest room into a space that makes me want to exercise, provides an organized sink for clutter, and encourages me to file my mail. I maintain that these uses can coexist in harmony.
  • Be able to park our cars in a safe space and provide an organized storage spot for outside-ish stuff. We’ll call this “the garage”.
  • Become a healthy role model for Talia. She’ll never learn to play kitchen if she doesn’t see her parents in the kitchen :)
  • Hike to the Most Beautiful Place in the World.
  • Create a safe, happy place for Talia to live in. This includes finishing childproofing and decorating the nursery.
  • Start helping Talia make friends. Good luck to me.
  • Redo the downstairs bathroom – why is this important? I don’t know. But I bought a new light fixture for that bathroom 2 years ago, and it haunts me from the closet.

  • Reclaim pingpong space. Really, this should be on Jonathan’s list, but I’m an empathetic goal-maker.
  • Improve budgeting techniques to fund vacations, college educations, and creative pursuits.
  • Grow food to reduce expenses and save environment. At least grow 100 lbs of potatoes. And then figure out what to do with 100 lbs of potatoes.
  • Document life.

I’ll add to this list if I think of more things.

3 Responses to Sarah’s 2014 Goal Sheet

  1. Laura says:

    Where is the Most Beautiful Place in the World?

    Maybe redoing the downstairs bathroom is important because it is part of making the house your house.

    My resolution this year, like every year, is to be less lazy. As usual, it is not going well so far! Let me know how this strategy goes!

  2. Sarah says:

    I can’t give away the Most Beautiful Place in the World quite yet or else I’ll jinx it, but there are hints on this very blog :)

    You may be right about the bathroom thing. I like our house, but a lot of it is very cookie-cutter. It’d be nice to give that bathroom some personality.

    Yeah, “laziness” is always the thing I want to overcome. I’m testing a theory, though, that I’m not exactly “lazy”, just unaware of what would make me happy at a given moment. I definitely recognize that reviewing facebook 50 times a day doesn’t really make me happy, but I usually don’t have a clear idea of what I could be doing instead. I’m hoping that my REAL problem is that my thoughts/goals/motivations aren’t organized enough to make use of them, so if I organize them, maybe I’ll be more successful.

    Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before, but using a pedometer works some kind of magic. In a pedometerless world, I shy away from taking out the trash or hanging up laundry, but when I wear my fitbit, I VOLUNTEER for those things so that I can get some meaningful steps. I think I like accomplishing multiple things at the same time.

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