Sarah’s 2014 Achievements

Here’s where I track my achievements, possible achievements, and any prizes I earned along the way! I’ll add more possibilities as I think of them…


Achievement Number Earned Date First Achieved Badge Prize Comments
Daily exercise, 1 week streak 5 1/9/14 exerciseBronze scarf I wore my very first fashion scarf!
Daily exercise, 2 week streak 2 1/16/14 exerciseSilver I wore my new $3 dangly earrings for the first time.
Daily exercise, 4 week streak 1 1/30/14 exerciseGold I wore my new sweater dress for the first time. Via exercise, I “earned” my whole outfit for our dinner party.
Early morning exercise, 2 month streak 0 ??? ??? In progress! Started 1/2/14
100,000 steps in 1 week 0 ??? ???
Cleaned all dishes, 1 week 0 ??? ??? honestly, I haven’t set criteria for what this means, but I think I’ve done it.
Cleaned all dishes, 2 weeks 0 ??? ???
Put away all Christmas decorations within a week of New Year’s 1 1/7/14 christmasgone I promise I didn’t make this idea up after the fact.
Took my lunch to work, 1 week 4 1/10/14  lunch1 Purple lunchbox, in homage to my first lunchbox: She-Ra, Princess of Power.
Took my lunch to work, 2 weeks 2 1/17/14 lunchSilver First week was chicken salad, second week was egg salad (but not egg salad)
Took my lunch to work, 1 month 1 2/6/14 lunchGold Third week was sandwiches, fourth was sandwiches + soup
Took my lunch to work, 2 months 0 ??? ???  In progress! Started 1/6/14
Didn’t eat out for dinner, 6/7 days 4 1/10/14 dinnerBronze Chicken tortilla soup lasted 4 nights…
Didn’t eat out for dinner, 12/14 days 0 ??? ???  In progress! Started 1/31/14
Didn’t eat out for dinner, 27/31 days 0 ??? ???

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