What is your blog about?
It’s unclear, though this post suggests some ideas. Additionally, not everyone we know lives in Austin, and we’re kind of notoriously bad about phone calls, so we hope this might help us keep people abreast of our lives a little better. Which means our blog might be about our lives, but that probably went without saying.

Do you think that blogging is narcissistic?
No, for the following reasons:

  • Writing is fun all by itself, so we don’t write stuff because we think we’re important or uniquely brilliant.
  • Without having written much yet, we can state with 100% certainty that we write about things that we’d otherwise be happy to talk about in person, so this is just another way of having conversations. Maybe conversations are narcissistic, though, so this might not prove anything.

Yes, for the following reasons:

  • We might write more here than we would say in person because there’s no one to stare awkwardly at their feet to tell us that we should shut up.

Do you think it’s narcissistic to believe that people think about your blog enough to have Frequently Asked Questions?
Probably. That’s why we made these up ourselves.

But what if I really do have a question?
We’ll probably respond to any comments that you leave us. If you ask the same question frequently enough, we might even add it to this list.

Should I expect your blog to reflect principles of technical writing?
No. Technical writing helps people understand and do things more efficiently. We, on the other hand, explicitly intend to waste both your time and ours using as many words as possible in uniquely convoluted ways. Here are just a few examples of how this blog will illustrate how not to write technically:

  • We take complete liberty to make up as many words as we want.
  • We do not take responsibility for telling you how to use this blog. It’s more fun if you figure it out yourself.
  • We make no guarantees about the technical accuracy of our content. If you think we invented facts to make a point, we probably did.
  • We say “we” a lot.

3 Responses to FAQ

  1. Ryan says:

    Why isn’t Jonathan blogging?

  2. Laura M. says:

    Hahaha! I love it!

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