Bluebonnets 2016

Taking bluebonnet pictures has never been easy, but it’s verifiably harder with two small children, particularly if one hasn’t had a nap. And spits up a lot. And your camera remote is dead. And your trusty traditional bluebonnet field has gone barren. At least there weren’t any bees…

Anyway, we did it, so here they are.

Bluebonnets 2016-13

First up: the baby. I forgot she can’t sit up yet.

Bluebonnets 2016-15

She never quite nabbed a flower, but she did make it back to the car with a fistful of grass.

Bluebonnets 2016-18

Bluebonnetty Liana 2016

Bluebonnets 2016-9

Liana, having resigned herself to being Talia’s teddy bear

Bluebonnets 2016-8

Talia being mischievous…and wearing 4-5 hair accessories

Bluebonnets 2016-34

A close-up of those hair accessories

Bluebonnets 2016-5

Happy Talia

Bluebonnets 2016-20

Bluebonnetty Family Photo 2016, the Happy Talia Version

Bluebonnets 2016-26

Bluebonnetty Family Photo 2016, the Attentive Liana Version

Bluebonnets 2016-1

And that’s a wrap! Byeeee!

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