Liana: 4 Months!

Liana turned 4 months old on Tuesday (February 23). It has been a big month! Mommy went back to work on January 25, so Liana started daycare. It took her a week to learn how to sleep at school and three weeks to get sick. We’ve got our routine down now, but woe be to us if we forget any of the 10 steps of nightly preparedness.

The Picture



Strawberry Shortcake

[More pictures at the end.]


4 months comes with a well check, so these numbers are as official as a doctor’s office can get.

Weight: 15lbs, 75th percentile

Height: 24.5″, 50th percentile

Head: 41cm, 75th percentile

Things We Should Remember

Sleeping patterns: Daycare and daycare illness threw sleep into all kinds of chaos. During the first week of daycare, Liana didn’t sleep too much at school, but instead of having terrible evenings like my sleep book predicted, my tired baby actually went to sleep! For 13 hours! It was amazing, though kind of sad. She was asleep the whole time we were together.

Then she learned how to sleep at school (the secret: thumb-sucking), so she stayed awake for an hour or so before bedtime at home and then started waking maybe once a night again.

Then she got sick and started waking 3 times a night. That hadn’t happened since she was 3 weeks old. The nostalgia didn’t outweigh the misery.

Now we’re back to normal…3 naps a day, bed time between 6 and 8, waking once somewhere between 2 and 5, and up for the day around 7. This is so reliable that I negotiated a pact with Jonathan to cover all the mid-night putting-to-sleep responsibilities because it’s actually a fair time split with my mid-night feeding responsibilities.

Oh, and we’re still swaddling. And she’s in her own room now.

I guess it was a big month for sleep.

Eating habits: I was suuuuuuper stressed about planning a feeding schedule for daycare, all for naught. At first I thought I had to specify the same time every day for her to eat, so I tried hard to arrive at daycare the same time every morning, nurse her right before I left (even if it hadn’t been too long since she last ate), and then leave work earlyish so I could nurse her at the end of the day. That resulted in a crazy surplus of milk from pumping, and a week in I learned that the schedule could just be “every three hours” based on the last time she ate at home. So that’s what it is.

She drinks three 4oz bottles at school every day, and I haven’t had much trouble keeping up. Wrangling the pump and all of its parts was kind of a pain the first week, but I bought a new pump bag that fits everything better, including my laptop! Now that I’ve been doing this for a month, I have a very solid routine for getting all my pump parts to work and then making bottles in the evening.

New discoveries:

  • The Nose Frida?
  • Grabbing the Nose Frida renders it totally ineffective?
  • Her thumb, as distinct from her whole hand.


  • Rolling over from front to back! She did it four times in a row on the 21st. The first time, it seemed like she just moved her head far enough to the left to throw herself off balance. She landed on her side, and it took her another 5 minutes to finish the roll.
  • Grabbing things. Well, that’s at least what I told the doctor. She’s definitely grabbing things as of this writing (2/28), but I honestly don’t know the first day she did it. Oh wait! Grabbing the Nose Frida totally counts! So yeah, grabbing things.

The Parent Stuff

  • Recovery: I slept on my stomach for the first time since April 2015. With that, I think I’m out of recovery milestones for the next few months…I’ll check back in when I reach pre-baby weight (which, per the aforementioned weight-loss challenge, won’t happen until late this year. Otherwise, I’ll be out of weight to lose, and that will have monetary ramifications ;) ).
  • Back to work: It was harder going back to work this time than it had been with Talia, maybe because I have more work responsibilities and stresses these days, or maybe because I’m trying to be more mindful of baby moments. Of course, now that I’m back and engaged in the challenges and creativity of my job, I am grateful to have the balance of mommy time and work time. If only I can continue to keep the work time from invading home life…
  • Moving update: We set a closing date on our new house – April 6! We probably won’t put the current house on the market until after we move (too hard to keep it show-worthy with cats and little people messing it up on a daily basis). We’ve been slogging through our packing chores, though. Seriously, I’ve been packing for SIX MONTHS now, even with my Marie Kondo mentality. 
  • Goodbye Kia Optima? On the 24th (technically part of Liana’s 5th month, but it’s on my mind), our little Kia Optima got shoved underneath a school bus. The bus had stopped before some railroad tracks, and I had stopped behind it, but the car behind me didn’t stop. It pushed my car into/under the bus, and the hood crumpled up in front of me. No one was hurt (I’d just dropped Liana off at daycare, so I was the only one in the car), but it was rather terrifying. We should find out tomorrow whether the car was totaled or not. Many thanks to David and Greg for letting us borrow their extra car in the meantime.

Runner-Up Pictures


Everything’s hilarious


But seriously, as I was saying…


Striking a power pose



And, in honor of Grandma Jackie’s fondness for babies dressed as strawberries, here’s our whole strawberry heritage:


Sarah, 1981 – 7 months

Talia, 2012 - 6 weeks

Talia, 2012 – 6 weeks

Liana, 2016 - 4 months

Liana, 2016 – 4 months

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  1. Chay says:


  2. Laura M says:

    She is so cute!!!!!

    The car accident sounds very scary! I’m so glad you weren’t hurt and that no kids were in the car with you. That would make it so much scarier! I hope you get a new car or quick repairs!

  3. Marilyn Tolbert says:

    These are so darling!Liana has the chubby happy look like her mom.Talia is slender and serious and beautiful too. She looks more like Jonathan. I am so happy you were not injured in crash. So shocking, You may want to get a bigger car. Love you.

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