Liana: 100 Days!

Sunday (January 31) was Liana’s 100 Day day! I owe my second child just as much kindergarten pre-homework as my first, so here are her 100 Day pictures:


I’m a happy baby!


I can be adorable even if I’m not smiling.

Proof that she looks at faces.

Proof that I look at faces. And they make me smile.

This is exhausting.

This is exhausting. Goodnight.

And now, just for kicks, here are the sisters, side by side (same 100 chart!):

Indeed, a baby born on the first day of kindergarten would look approximately like this on the 100th day.




So, Talia had a lengthy 100 day post because I’d been too sleep-deprived to post monthly updates. Liana, on the other hand, sleeps, so you already know what’s going on with her. Therefore, judge my devotion to this second child not by the length of this post but rather by the fact that it exists at all given that the first child is now a monster toddler (by her own admission, more or less…pretending to be a monster is a favorite game of hers).

Accomplishments (abbreviated)

Longest sleep: 13 hours!!!! Daycare wiped her out last week. She’s regained the ability to wake in the middle of the night this week.

Everything else is pretty much the same as it was in the 3 Month post.


Song: “Part of That World” from the Little Mermaid. I sing it to her on the way to daycare every day, making it her favorite because I say so.

BookBunny’s Noisy Book, because it’s the only book with words that we’ve managed to read her more than once. Maybe that’s not entirely true…we read Shapes somewhat regularly, but it’s not so much a story as it is a list of shapes.

Toys: Hmm. Footy Giraffe? The lamb Talia gave her when she was born? Anything we dangle in front of her face?

Parental Adjustments

Parenting is still hard, but we’ve got some routines nowadays, so 2 kids haven’t totally destroyed us yet. Here are some things.

  • Breastfeeding is still okay. Liana doesn’t really complain much when she’s hungry, so I feed her more on a schedule than on demand, maybe every 3 hours during the day these days? That’s what they do at daycare anyway…4oz ever 3 hours. She’s gaining a million ounces a month.
  • As previously mentioned, Liana is a sleep expert. We haven’t started sleep training yet, but given that she already sleeps through the night, I’m not terribly worried about it. Watch me regret those words in a month…
  • We’ve been on our own without mother-in-law help for a few days now, and we’ve actually been eating dinner (and some lunches) from the grocery store (or freezer)! I was going to give us a pass this week on eating out while we adjusted to life on our own, but that hasn’t been necessary.
  • I started back at work on January 25th. That was hard. I’ve got the routine down now, but I do miss the baby. And I barely get to see Talia because I leave with Liana right as Talia is waking up. That’s temporary…eventually they’ll be on similar schedules, but I miss her, too.

Okay, it’s bed time for Mommy. Sleep while the baby sleeps. Indeed. Bye.

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