Liana Ruth: Month 3

My little newborn is now a great big baby, having passed the three month mark last weekend. I can barely cradle her with one arm anymore! I don’t really know how it happened…based on her milk bottle consumption, she doesn’t eat any more than Talia ever did. I suspect she might take after the Dover side of the family…I’ve got some tall relatives.

The Picture

Liana 2 Month-51

The month of hand-chewing

[More pictures at the end.]


I don’t have doctor stats for this month because there wasn’t a well-check, but we think she’s around 14lbs based on our imprecise baby-weighing measures.

Things We Should Remember

Sleeping patterns: Although inconsistent, Liana started sleeping through the night this month. Technically, I think that means more than five hours, but she made it to eight or nine hours a couple of times. Near the end of the month, she established a pattern of sleeping long and soundly for her first shift and then verrrry restlessly for another hour or two. That compelled me to finalllllly figure out how to side-nurse, a feat I never accomplished with Talia. Liana figured it out, and that let the two of us sleep in until 10 or 11am for a few days!

On the difficult side, Liana finally started fussing in the evenings, so we often had to earn her long sleeps with a few hours of rocking, bouncing, and nursing. She also finally became more sensitive to nearby noise, so we’ve been whispering a lot more while she sleeps.

Eating habits: Nothing much changed since last month. Liana continued to eat a lot during the day and less at night. I started pumping after feeding her after her long sleep, often getting 4-5oz, so we’ve built up a decent stockpile of frozen milk.

New discoveries: I THINK she figured out that she can bat at her hanging toys and rock her chair by kicking.


  • Sleeping through the night.
  • Breaking out of her swaddle sack…I suspect next month might be the last of swaddling.
  • Lots more social smiling, especially after eating.
  • Enduring tummy time without freaking out…much appreciated by all involved.
  • Chewing her hands. For most of the month, she WANTED to chew her hands, but she couldn’t help but punch herself in the face while trying.

The Parent Stuff

  • Recovery: I FINALLY felt mostly normal again, even enough to go “jogging” a couple of times with Liana in my jogging stroller. I won’t say I enjoyed it, but I did it.
  • Date nights! Because Jonathan’s mom came back to help out for a few weeks after the holidays, Jonathan and I escaped the house for a couple of dinners alone. Having a few hours alone together, with or without dinner, is still a coveted treat right now.
  • Being healthy: Jonathan and I joined a year-long weight-loss/healthy living challenge that seems to have provided the right amount of motivation to at least eat a bunch of vegetables. Maybe I’ll post more about it elsewhere (I know, I always say that), but the challenge is designed in such a way as to encourage forming good habits instead of unsustainable dieting. Besides meeting our first goal, one of my prouder accomplishments was finding a sweet potato recipe that Jonathan actually liked! See the “smoky sweet potato” recipe here. It’s delicious.
  • “Cooking” with Talia: As part of this drive to be healthy, we took Talia to the farmers’ market to pick out some vegetables (dino kale and rainbow carrots), and we let her use a table knife to cut up some soft fruits for fruit salads. I was especially pleased  with our “chopping” party…we actually did something (however small) productive and cohesive as a family. If we’re going to maintain a household of any sort, I think we’ll have to figure out more of these kinds of activities.

Runner-Up Pictures

This might be a better picture, but it lacks the parrot.

This might be a better picture, but it lacks the parrot.

This might be the current Best Picture Ever, but it also lacks the parrot.

This might be the current Best Picture Ever, but it also lacks the parrot.

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5 Responses to Liana Ruth: Month 3

  1. Kirstin says:

    Cuties! And side nursing is the bomb diggity! :)

  2. Laura M says:

    They are SO cute!!! YAY for feeling a bit better! I can’t believe you are jogging! I still avoid moving at all costs. ;) Yay for side nursing too! My sanity very literally depends on side nursing. I’m glad she figured it out! Finally, YAY for blog posts (not sure why my tablet auto corrects YAY to all caps??). Anyway, I’m sitting in Amity’s room in the dark and I was very excited to see a new post appear! YAY!

    • Sarah says:

      I wish I’d tried harder to figure side nursing out a bit earlier in my maternity leave. I’m not sure how many opportunities I’ll have to sleep in from here on out…maybe a couple of weekends? Or maybe during the baby sick days that I’m sure are looming ahead within the next couple of weeks. Liana hasn’t been sick yet, but I’m basically expecting daycare to usher in the germs pretty soon.

  3. Laura M says:

    Oh, I meant to ask how the veggie tray plan is working?

    • Sarah says:

      Great, actually! We’re finishing our third week right now. I took a tray to work with me on Monday, my first day back, and I’d eaten everything by the end of Wednesday. Talia hasn’t eaten a ton of things yet, but she’s eaten more than she would have otherwise. Our tactic is to say that, if she’s still hungry after eating all the food on her plate, she’s welcome to keep eating whatever she wants from the veggie tray. She ate 8 extra baby carrots tonight.

      We’ve managed to find enough fridge space for all three trays, but it’s really only a problem on Sunday night before Jonathan and I take ours to work.

      So far, we’ve used some combination of the following vegetables: baby carrots, snap peas, cauliflower florets, broccoli florets, bell pepper strips, celery, cherry tomatoes, and red cabbage leaves.

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