Talia Project: Finished!

I’m apparently a sucker for Shutterfly discounts. Twice in the past month I’ve ended up with an offer for a “free” photo book, twice I’ve thought “I should quickly whip something together to take advantage of this”, twice I’ve spent 2-3 days of precious nap breaks “quickly” making something, and twice that “free” something has cost me at least $20. And I don’t even like Shutterfly, which makes me feel disloyal to Adoramapix.

That said, I’m really excited about the little book I made Talia for Christmas. Behold, theĀ Talia’s Family book:

Remember, this was just "whipped together"...

I was pleased with the variety of “personality” I found in my family picture stash.

Each inside spread followed this same pattern. There is one spread for each person on the cover. And the cats.

There is one spread like this for each person on the cover. And the cats…they just didn’t make the cut for the cover.

I think this book is perhaps a perfect combination of Talia’s interests at the moment. She’s rather obsessed with both the concept of family members as well as the specific names of all her family members. She asks me and Jonathan multiple times a day “What’s your mommy’s name? What’s your daddy’s name? What’s your mommy’s and daddy’s name?” On top of that, she also likes asking what letter a word starts with. She can identify a few capital letters in print…specifically those that begin some of our names. Sooo, I’d like to think that this is a meaningful way for her to start searching for those letters in a context that she understands. I’m not at all pushing her to read right now…just responding to her cues :)

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  1. Laura M says:

    That’s really cute!!!

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