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Talia Project: Finished!

I’m apparently a sucker for Shutterfly discounts. Twice in the past month I’ve ended up with an offer for a “free” photo book, twice I’ve thought “I should quickly whip something together to take advantage of this”, twice I’ve spent … Continue reading

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Piano Ad and Days 5-7 Status

As previously mentioned sort of, we’re selling some things prior to moving in a few months. A nearly-antique grand piano is one of those things…perhaps you know someone who might be interested: Beautiful 1920’s Knabe Grand Piano (Craigslist ad) I … Continue reading

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Days 3 and 4 Status Report

Accomplishments Totally snagged my own scrummaster, got photos taken, finished Christmas card, and placed my order! Completed and executed on “Christmas research” to surprise Jonathan and Talia: You might wonder why hanging Christmas lights required “research”. Mainly, it had been … Continue reading

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Liana Ruth: 1 Month Old

Disclaimer: Liana turned 1 month old on November 23, but today is December 2. I started writing this BEFORE November 23, yet it still took me over a week to publish it. Anyway, the point is, the timeframe of this … Continue reading

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On My Own: Day 2 Status Report

Okay, it seems inevitable that my goal updates will devolve into status reports, so I’m accepting this fate now. Unlike status reports for work, though, I do not feel bad about spending more words documenting excuses than actual accomplishments. That … Continue reading

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