On My Own: Day 1 Results + Day 2 Goals


This is a follow-up to my Day 1 Goals post.


I have little hope that I’ll write goals and/or results every day forevermore, but it’s fun for now.

Day 1: I did everything!

Liana slept all day, so I got a million things done. In fact, I’m writing this only because she’s still sleeping. So, apart from working on backlog projects (or a backlog), I did most everything I intended to do. Some highlights…

  • Regarding German Chocolate Cake ice cream, I’ve gotten the sneaking suspicion over the years that German Chocolate Cake isn’t the world’s favorite flavor. Thus, Baskin Robbins had plenty left for me to eat. Form of: shake! It fueled my grocery-shopping trip…
  • Regarding lunch planning, I actually did this as I was completing Urgent Goal #1 because Baskin Robbins is in the same shopping center as HEB. So, I “planned” lunches this week by wandering around HEB. Too bad I left my Fitbit at home to charge…when you’re tracking steps, it’s really exciting to realize you forgot the bananas. Going back to the produce section is like 500 extra steps!
  • While lunch planning, I simultaneously dinner planned. I call my strategy “HEB Meal Deals”.
  • Clean burp cloths and diaper rags are in the dryer, dry. Of course, I guess this begs the question of “what does complete mean?” Does “in the dryer” count? Yes. Totally acceptable to live out of the dryer.
  • Not only did I finish decorating the tree, but I had enough time to go buy the annual fancy ornaments…that is, if you count shatter-proof owls as “fancy”.
    • Fancy owls

      Fancy owls

  • The only thing I failed at in my list was buying extra pump parts. Turns out that my new pump, the Spectra S2, doesn’t have easily replaceable pump parts. They cost $50. I’m really not sure how an extra set will save me THAT much time since I’m pumping only once a day, so I’m going to save my $50 for more ice cream and Christmas ornaments.

So, it was a good day.

Day 2 Plans

I don’t really know why I partitioned goals into categories for Day 1. It’s helpful to recognize that different kinds of goals exist, the cateogories allow me to prioritize appropriately, and I imagine that the maintenance category will eventually become some kind of routine or schedule…so maybe I do know why. Nevermind.

Urgent Goals

  1. Take out trash. As long as it’s not too heavy. Because I have three more days to ride my “healing from c-section” activity restrictions, which include not carrying 20 lb. bags of trash.

Maintenance Goals

I really do feel silly writing down things that normal people do on a regular basis without needing to explicitly commit to doing them. If/when something becomes more routine, I’ll stop adding it to this list. Like that burp cloth/diaper rag thing.

  1. Prepare the lunch food I bought on Monday. My plan is to make food for the rest of the week’s lunches all at once. That plan, like most plans, works only if I do it. That’s often where my plans fail.
  2. Vacuum. The living room is strewn with glitter and fake pine needles from the tree. I do think this adds a bit of holiday ambiance to the carpet, but the pine needles hurt sometimes.

Progress Goals

  1. Design Christmas cards? Is this really going to be the year that we send Christmas cards? It’s within the realm of possibility…

Stretch Goals

  1. Pack a box.
  2. Project backlog something something.

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