On My Own: Day 1 Goals

Our month of being spoiled came to an end last Wednesday when Jonathan’s mom returned to New Orleans and he and I were left to fend for ourselves against the two children. Fortunately, Jonathan was available for the next four days thanks to Thanksgiving, and our little family of four had a lovely time. Today, alas, Jonathan is back at work, Talia is back at daycare, and I am on my own with the baby for the first official time. The calm, predictable, 95% compliant baby. I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll survive.

Without structure to my day, there’s a 90% chance I’ll curl up with the baby on the couch and watch whatever marathon HGTV is showing, so I thought it wise to plan a few goals for the day. As I explained to Liana, there are four types of things one might want to accomplish in a day:

  • Urgent Goals – Things that must happen today. I don’t have a hypothetical example, as I’ve unfortunately learned that procrastination works in 97% of circumstances.
  • Maintenance Goals – Things that help you continue a relatively organized life, such as washing burp rags so that we don’t have to use someone’s sleeve.
  • Progress Goals – Things that help you move forward with something you care about doing, such as packing one out of the five hundred eventual boxes needed to move this house in March.
  • Stretch Goals – Things that might not get done today but fill the “what should I do with myself” gap if baby happens to sleep for an extra two hours for reasons beyond my understanding.

So, here are my goals for today, as recited to Liana so as to work toward HER daily goal of hearing 20,000 words. She really needs a Fitbit that counts words. And a mommy who likes to talk  more. Anyway, goals:

Urgent Goals

  1. Visit Baskin Robbins to get German Chocolate Cake ice cream one last time for the year. It’s the last day of the month, people. Alas, there’s a 78% chance that they’re already out of this flavor…somehow, their Flavor of the Month rarely lasts an entire month. We must maintain hope.

Maintenance Goals

  1. Check burp cloth and diaper rag status. Do laundry as indicated.
  2. Plan lunches for the week and buy groceries as necessary. Today’s lunch is covered by Urgent Goal #1.
  3. Wash pump parts.
  4. Order extra set of pump parts to allow greater laziness when washing pump parts.

Progress Goals

  1. Finish decorating Christmas tree and hiding leftover decorations from cats and/or Talia. Unclear which is the greater threat.

Stretch Goals

  1. Think about planning dinners for the week. Some kind souls are covering dinner tonight and tomorrow night, and regarding the rest of the week, I’m not burnt out on Masala Wok yet.
  2.  Buy annual fancy ornament set for tree.
  3. Work on some project on Project Backlog.
  4. Create Project Backlog.

That’s it. I’ve bored Liana to sleep, so now I can work on one of these.

Look, mom...no swaddle!

Look, mom…no swaddle!

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7 Responses to On My Own: Day 1 Goals

  1. Chay says:

    You can do it Sarah!! And as long as you get the Urgent Goals accomplish, you will be alright…

  2. Hazel says:

    Love to listen to your blog. I have great imagination. Your girls will love reading these someday.

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks! That is a fair part of my motivation to write this stuff. Speaking from experience, it’s nice to have a way to learn about your parents and their experiences from their point of view rather than your own.

  3. Leann B says:

    She’s so precious…I’d have to take many a curled up nap next to her. Keep the updates coming. I so miss those days.

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