Today we learned that our daughter is quite the romantic

As you probably know, when we humans are all super-young-like, we learn a lot about the world by watching and mimicking our parents. So this morning, and this evening, Sarah and I decided to model some behavior to help Talia learn something.

Shortly after waking Talia up, we were all snuggling on the couch, and Sarah got Talia’s attention and said “Look, Talia, I’m giving Daddy a kiss”, and repeatedly kissed me on the cheek. So I’m thinking, “aww, Talia’s going to learn to give Daddy a kiss”. So after a few repetitions, Sarah stopped to see what the very attentive Talia would do.

So of course Talia leaned in, reached out with her arm… and pulled Sarah’s face to my own. :) And repeated that several times. Just before bedtime we tried again, with the exact same result.

So, success! Talia learned something. She learned how to make Mommy kiss Daddy.

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  1. Laura says:

    Aww, that’s very cute!

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