Fun with old lenses

When I decided to start pursuing photography, my mom told me that she was in possession of several lenses that had belonged to my grandfather, and offered to let me have them. I didn’t know enough at the time to judge whether these lenses would be super quality, but I did know that lenses in general were expensive and if I could find an adapter, I’d at least enhance my arsenal a bit for free.

Well I finally got around to getting that adapter, so now I can start playing with these cool lenses. I’ve barely tried them out so far, but here’s a couple of my first shots with them.

The first was taken with the apparently-rare-these-days Voigtlander Super Dynarex 350mm f5.6, and I believe I had it wide open for the shot (it’s fun not having aperture metadata).
Hidden Stop Sign

The second was taken with the much-more-commonly-found Voigtlander Super Dynarex 135mm f4, which again I believe was wide open.
Jeanette's Printer

I’m looking forward to more interesting/planned opportunities to use these lenses, including using the 350mm to take some photos of the moon once it’s fuller :). I also have a Voigtlander Skopagon 40mm f2 that I haven’t tried at all, although its glass looks in worse shape. In any case, they seem to be capable of producing some nice quality shots, as long as I get a handle on the manual focus!

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