It’s Official: Talia Graduated from Lactation Consultation!

As of Monday, Talia weighs 9 lbs, 15.6 oz, up 16.8 oz from two weeks ago, proving that she is capable of gaining 1 oz/day for an extended period of time. So, no more LC appointments (ever? dare I hope?), and we can move on to worrying about sleep patterns :)

Say goodbye to the scale, Talia!

And good riddance…she was almost to heavy for the kitchen scale.

Now that I feel confident that we’ll be nursing for a while longer, I’m ordering myself and Talia one of these as a reward for our perseverance:

Baby Hobo Couture Diaper Bag

It’s a diaper bag with a built-in nursing pillow! It should hopefully make nursing on-the-go a lot easier, thereby encouraging us to get out of the house a bit more for longer periods of time. It’s hard to live your life in 2-3 hour increments; I think we’ve earned a bit of liberation :) Thanks to Nina for telling me about these things and to Bob and Jan for a well-timed Amazon gift card! Now I just have to decide which color I want…

Two-Day Epilogue

I’m feeling a little lost now that I don’t have to keep detailed records of feeding times and diaper contents. Even though it was a huge pain to do that, we’d diligently completed a page every day since she was born, so it was kind of a security blanket. I could always prove to myself that she’d eaten the right number of times, and I could “verify” her current cries were hunger cries by checking the last feeding time on the sheet. Now, I have to rely more on my instincts, and I don’t trust them as much as documentation ;) I’m sure I’ll feel more confident in a few days…it’s just weird how you get attached to annoyances.

And seriously, we’ve started investigating the wide world of sleep habits, and it’s terrifying. It’s making me realize that the feeding adventure may have left me somewhat addicted to “expert” advice. Alas, regarding sleep, there are a lot of varying “expert” theories, but unlike feeding where you can always give the baby formula if your first plan doesn’t work, there’s not really a guaranteed sleeping “back-up”. I can try putting Talia to bed before she’s completely asleep to see if she soothes herself to sleep, but if that doesn’t work, I still have to do some work myself to make sure she gets rest. And over the past few days, even THAT hasn’t been working. Yesterday she WOULD NOT TAKE A NAP. So, I’ll get back to you on that :)

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