I’ve been wanting to post some pictures of random Talia moments, but to do so, I feel like they need a theme. I’m calling that theme “milestones” not because these moments appear in standard baby books but because that title is nondescript enough to encompass all the pictures.

Meeting the Cats (3-4 weeks)

The cats have been largely indifferent to Talia. These pictures might represent their only interactions with her.

Mariosaurus. It might be a closer match now that Talia is a month older.

Goomba petting Talia

Thumb Sucking (6 weeks)

I think I’m supposed to be upset about this, but instead I was kind of proud that Talia accomplished something on her own initiative.

She hasn’t really mastered the fist part, but since the whole thing was mostly an accident anyway, that isn’t a reasonable expectation.

Bath Time (6.5 weeks)

Talia finally doesn’t hate baths. Unless she puts a soapy thumb in her mouth.

How bath time works

Talia’s first “bathing suit”…it supposedly keeps her warm, but we may have changed our mind about that

All done!

Wearing an Outfit that Fits (7 weeks)

Until now, Talia has been dwarfed by most of her clothes. However, today I correctly matched her body to a piece of the clothing.

To the tune of “Pants on the Ground”: Strawberry hat, strawberry hat, lookin’ like a fool in your strawberry hat.

Shopping (4.5 weeks)

The vitamin aisle at Walgreens. Talia is guarding my Sonic pop as I search for some B6. Also note the head-dwarfing effect of the hat.

This may be an early sign that she shares her mommy’s attitude toward shopping. I imagine we’ll have to test that theory on something other than vitamins.

Video Gaming (4 weeks?)

Jonathan only lets her play while she’s sleeping.

No eyes OR hands!

Smiling (7 weeks)

Talia is smiling quite a bit these days, especially at 7am. However, I’m not alert enough to take pictures at 7am, so I had to settle for this half-smile at 2pm.

First recorded Talia smile, though the first real Talia smile happened a couple of weeks ago. Also, they get a lot bigger than this.

I have some other pictures, but they’re not really of anything. The only theme they’d fit is something like “Nondescript Moments”. Maybe next time.

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2 Responses to Milestones

  1. Laura says:

    She is so cute!! I don’t think you need a theme for them… I enjoy seeing pictures of her in any context! :)

  2. David says:

    Those are some awesome pictures. She’s growing up into a real person.

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