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Baby Story: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Jonathan pointed out that my last blog post didn’t really fulfill its promise of concluding our breastfeeding saga. I doubt anyone was on the edge of their seat, but as of 11:37 tonight, Talia has been breastfeeding without any magic … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Through various family and friend engagements, we ended up alone with Talia for her first Thanksgiving. For some crazy reason, we decided to go ahead and try to make a traditional(ish) Thanksgiving meal, figuring that we’d end up with some … Continue reading

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Baby Story: The Moment of Truth

Note: I wrote all but the “update” on Sunday, the 11th. I wanted to make good use of what might be my last 8-times-a-day pumping session, so here is a quickly-scrawled update of the Talia feeding saga. When last we spoke, … Continue reading

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Talia Pictures!

Since a) family keeps asking me to post more pictures, and b) Sarah keeps referencing that the “good” pictures are on my camera in need of processing, here’s a post of some of those “good” pictures (unprocessed).

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So Who Is This Talia Person?

All my baby posts thus far have been kind of self-centered, ignoring the fact that there’s this brand new person to introduce to the world. If you’ve ever met a newborn, you know that they’re not terribly interesting until they … Continue reading

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Baby Story: Breastfeeding Is Still Awful, but…

As promised, here is a riveting update on our breastfeeding saga… As mentioned previously, we were on the precipice of giving up on breastfeeding due to the disappointment of investing extraordinary effort with insufficient results. When the pediatrician told us … Continue reading

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Baby Story: Breastfeeding Can Be Kind of Awful

DISCLAIMER: This is kind of a negative post, but hopefully I’ll be able to balance it with a more positive one tomorrow. The lactation appointment mentioned herein went rather well, so I feel better about a lot of this :) … Continue reading

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