Race-Against-the-Baby Status Report! And new maternity pictures

It’s pretty easy for me to say I’m winning this race as long as the baby isn’t here yet, but I can’t say that too loudly for fear that Talia might be competitive like her parents. I don’t think she can read yet, though, so everything should be okay for now.

Here’s what I accomplished this week:

  • Went shopping for “impractical” baby items, a.k.a. more board books. Granted, we have a huge supply of board books already thanks to many generous gift-givers, but they are SO MUCH FUN TO SHOP FOR. They have mirrors and finger puppets and sensory sections and taggies and stuff written in baby-code…I hope Talia chews them all up so we can go buy more.
  • Bought practical baby items, i.e. the rest of the stuff on our registry. I’m expecting a package per day to show up on the porch between now and Oct. 12.
  • Slept until 11:30 twice, which I guess I could count as sleeping until noon, but then I wouldn’t have an excuse to sleep until noon next weekend.
  • Ate discounted expensive Italian food. This does not count as steak.
  • Saw one last movie in a theater. I think I failed in my lifelong quest to find a reorderable shake at the Drafthouse. I mean, they’ve all been fine, but I’d choose a Chik-Fil-A banana pudding shake any day. If only that were possible.
  • Took more maternity pictures…

Demonstrating that I was in front of our house

Obligatory profile shot


Full-length profile shot, a.k.a. trying to give form to a formless bag-dress

Jonathan’s signature pose, through some leaves

That’s all. I’m going to work on my art projects this week so that Jonathan can hang them all up for me next weekend. I guess I could do that myself, but there might be a stepladder involved, and pregnant women are 92% more likely to fall over than their husbands. I inferred that statistic from two reliable sources:  a nurse and a random lady in a parking lot.

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5 Responses to Race-Against-the-Baby Status Report! And new maternity pictures

  1. Kirstin says:

    Love those first two shots of you especially!!
    Hope you get your steak before Talia comes. :)

  2. Laura says:

    Pretty pictures! Definitely keep sleeping in. :)

  3. David & Hazel says:

    Just beautiful! Thanks for posting.

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