More Nursery Progress

The nursery’s not done yet, but I took some pictures anyway, mainly because I’ve been promising them to Laura M for the past month :) I have to say that I’ve been a bit paralyzed by having two options for posting pictures…I kind of miss making facebook albums, but I’m not sure why I’d duplicate the effort by posting the pictures here and there. If anyone has a good rule about when to do each, let me know.

Anyway, these pictures show the color theme we’re trying to establish, and I think the furniture layout is pretty stable. I just have a bunch of decorative stuff that I want to do. When I actually finish, I’ll have Jonathan take some better pictures with a more accurate white balance…I promise, the colors are really beautiful.

First, this was the room in the olden days before someone needed to inhabit it:

Exercise Room, 2009…over the past three years, it slowly filled with random stuff that didn’t belong in any other room.

Now, it’s a new color, and it has places to sleep!

It has a crib AND a bed!

This is the bed nook that I’d wanted to create ever since I discovered that our one twin-sized bed is EXACTLY the length of this space:

We will read bedtime stories here. Also, I sewed those pillow cases.

The closet is ugly right now because I haven’t made the curtains for it yet. Under protest, Jonathan took the doors off because I thought they swung out into the room too far. And, without a window, I wasn’t going to get to make curtains otherwise…

We have a bunch of stuff that should go in the closet, but we haven’t organized it yet. Goomba is not part of that stuff…

The crib, somewhat more dressed than before:

I sewed the crib skirt…it’s really just three panels velcroed to a cardboard platform. I wanted to be able to adjust the length as we lower the mattress over time. Also, we’ll be replacing the NASCAR fan soon enough…

Annnd, the changing table/dresser area:

This took only a month to find on Craigslist. I want to find someplace else to keep books, but they made a pretty display for now.

That’s it for now.  After completing this post, I think I prefer facebook albums, so I might post a more complete album there whenever we finish :)

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6 Responses to More Nursery Progress

  1. Kirstin says:

    It looks beautiful!!! I love the colors for a girl – very different but still feminine. And the pillow cases and crib skirt look great!

    I am trying to post more photos on my blog because I intend at some point to have my blog printed into photo albums (instead of doing scrapbooking). But it’s certainly easier to get a ton of photos up on Facebook, I think.

    • Sarah says:

      Oo, I’d been hoping to do something similar with my facebook albums someday. Jonathan found some program that lets you export all your facebook albums along with the captions (but not the comments?), so I’d wondered if maybe I could use that to get them into a printable format. At any rate, I’d long viewed my facebook albums as a replacement for scrapbooking, but I’ve never quite closed the loop on that idea.

  2. Greg says:

    It looks very nice! Do you have exciting plans for that long hallway inside the room?

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks! We don’t have immediate plans for the hallway (other than putting the rocker halfway in there), but eventually I think it makes a good “play space”. We’d talked about making one of the walls a whiteboard or something and maybe using the other wall to display school art. Also, we could put toy shelves or something along one of the long walls. Or bookshelves. Or both. I guess we just have to avoid allowing the space to become FULL of stuff…it seems susceptible to hoarding in some ways…

  3. Laura says:

    Yayyayyay! It looks beautiful! I love the colors and the furniture. And I’m very impressed with all the things you’ve sewn! What color are the curtains going to be?

    My cats get into the closet in our nursery at every opportunity. They are obsessed with that closet for some reason.

    I usually do facebook albums any time I have more than a handful of photos to post, since it takes forever to do it in wordpress.

    • Sarah says:

      :) The curtains will match the crib skirt and the second pillow from the left. Originally, that was going to be the only fabric I sewed anything from, but then I was afraid it would overwhelm the room. Also, the curtain pattern I picked has a top and bottom border, so I think I got some yellow polka-dotted fabric for that.

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