Keep Austin Weird Festival et al.

Last weekend, in a challenge to do something other than sit around the house, Sarah and I went to the Keep Austin Weird Festival. Overall we both agreed that while it was fine and pleasant, it was not worth the price of admission. But we did get to relax outdoors, sit in the grass, and listen to music, so not a bad afternoon. There was a 5k race (that we did not partake in) in which the runners were encouraged to wear some weird costume, so that provided for some fun people-watching. There was also some kind of troupe near us doing various performances, including one fire dancer that got to do his performance before the fire was shut down. We’d been waiting for the fire, and while the one performance was pretty awesome, it was sad we didn’t get to see more.

I’ve been bad and procrastinated posting on here (and the blog’s supposed to be the excuse to procrastinate from other things!), so I’ve gathered various other pictures as well. So they get to be tacked on to this post!

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