It’s good to be curious

I’m adding the recent Mister Rogers smash hit Garden of Your Mind to my list of best things ever. Although I tend to say that many things are the best things ever, I really mean it this time. It makes me think that old Mister Rogers episodes might be a good parenting resource. I mean, now that Game of Thrones and Mad Men are over for the year and Breaking Bad won’t start until July, we kind of needed another marathon show…

Disclaimer: There’s a 7% chance that this song isn’t actually objectively the best thing ever and I’m just extra susceptible to baby weepiness, having hopes and dreams for our daughter and all. I just really like ideals and electronic music.

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10 years ago, I was a computer science student. 5 years ago, I taught kindergarten. 2 years ago, I trained teachers. Now, I'm a technical writer. I have thoughts about most of these things, but most likely I'll just write about neuroses and why I love Mr. Gatti's pizza. Which might be a neurosis.
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