Trip to New Orleans

Sarah and I spent Memorial Day weekend in New Orleans visiting my parents. It’d been quite a while since we’d last been there (my family travels here frequently, and our last planned trip to New Orleans for Christmas 2010 got preempted with them coming here). It was nice to be in the (mostly) familiar surroundings of where I grew up again, although with only 2 non-driving days, there was limited time to explore old haunts. I wanted to mostly spend quality family time anyway, rather than do a ton of sightseeing (which has obviously limited appeal to me, and which Sarah has gotten to do on previous trips).

Even so, we did do plenty of things that I love to do in New Orleans. Food-wise, we kicked things off immediately with some tasty po-boys, went out to eat at Copeland’s, and had beignets for a delicious breakfast. We also went to Sunny’s for some New Orleans snowballs, and had some Roman Candy at the zoo. Speaking of the zoo, that was our biggest outing (and the one that I most anticipated for photography), which was a lot of fun, even if they don’t have hippos anymore. We also did a decent amount of tourism-by-car, driving by my school, parts of uptown/downtown, the newly branded Superdome (yes, I left the brand off intentionally, it’ll always just be the Superdome to me), and the house where I grew up. That was a fair amount, given that we spent just about all of Sunday relaxing in the pool before grilling up some steaks for dinner.

It was of course really nice to see my parents, and it was neat to see them doing things like nourishing saplings of various trees and plants from their current house that they’ll want to bring to Austin when they move here. In typical fashion, they had us bring them like 30 pounds of tomatillos, and shipped back plenty of New Orleans stuff for Patrick (we travel light and have a mini-suv, so no problems there).

Finally, here are the selection of best photos from the trip. I’m still learning my camera and my editing style, so I’d love any informative/constructive comments from any photographers out there :).

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4 Responses to Trip to New Orleans

  1. Greg says:

    Man, we still talk about missing the Copeland’s we lived next to in Maryland…

    As a non-photographer, the pictures look good! :-)

    • Paulina says:

      We ate at a Copeland’s in or near Covington last summer as we were passing through on our way to AL. It was my first time to eat at one, and it was YUMMY! I wish we had them here.

      • Jonathan says:

        A few years ago I saw a news article claiming Copeland’s was opening locations in San Antonio and Austin. I’m pretty sure at least the Austin one must have gotten canceled, probably with the recession, but I can’t quite let go of hope, and it makes me sad.

        But that’s ok, cause I got to be happy this weekend eating there :).

  2. Laura says:

    I really like the one with the bird on the bucket! And the giraffes! But they all look good! :)

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