New Camera

I’ve always had a lingering interest in photography, but I’ve never really taken the time to dive into it. Now, though, it’s not up to me… baby Mendez demands good bath-time photos to be shown to his/her high school friends, and I’d be a horrible father if I didn’t cede to the demands!

So with the convenient (but valid) excuse of such photos, but probably more crucially through the young active years, I decided to invest in a DSLR and finally pursue some hobby photography as well. Of course, I have a ton to learn, but it’s also amazing what a good camera and lens will do to make it easy to capture pretty cool photos. Here’s a selection from my first weekend with it (click to see actual non-thumbnail photos).

I’ve already picked up a lot of knowledge in my first weekend with the camera, and I can identify a lot of the mistakes in these photos, so hopefully that means I’ll be able to take even better ones as I go along!

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4 Responses to New Camera

  1. Ryan says:

    The photos are amazing, especially the one of Mario!

  2. Greg says:

    Very nice pictures! I guess a good camera does make a difference :-)

  3. Laura says:

    What kind of camera did you end up getting?

  4. jmendez says:

    @Ryan @Greg Thanks!

    @Laura I ended up getting the Nikon D7000, with the kit lens (18-105mm) and a 50mm 1.8 lens. I’ll get to try it out some more this weekend at the zoo!

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