And I thought I hated clothes shopping before…

I like getting new clothes, and I like looking good in new clothes, but traditionally I’ve been very inept at connecting those dots. Because I avoid things I’m not good at, I generally avoid clothes shopping, settling for the same five pairs of dress pants and four pairs of jeans that I’ve owned since 2006. I’d kind of convinced myself that, with the relatively inexpensive purchase of two Tummy Sleeves, I’d continue subsisting on these pants until much later in my pregnancy, and then I’d sew some mumus and work from home…or something. Really, I hadn’t thought that far ahead.

Anyway, over the past several weeks, I’ve been slowly awaiting an obviously pregnant profile, anxiously enduring the transition phase where you just look puffy…especially if you’re wearing all the same old clothes, only more puffily. As much as I’d wanted to avoid spending money on clothes that I could wear for only a few months, I eventually decided that I’d feel better wearing some kind of maternity-style clothes, hoping that even if my profile didn’t broadcast pregnancy quite yet, my clothing style would.

Welllll, it turns out that I’m even worse at shopping for maternity clothes than I am for regular clothes. I didn’t know what anything was supposed to look like! Still feeling more puffy than pregnant, I thought all the clothes made me look extra puffy. Lots of places didn’t even have maternity clothes. And the places that did had only four racks. And of the four racks, two were usually just plus-sized clothing mixed in with pregnancy clothing. So, if I was lucky, I could find a work-worthy shirt at every third store, at which rate I needed to traverse half of Austin to assemble a new wardrobe.

And that brings me to my confession: despite all the advice I’d read anywhere about how to get good deals on maternity clothes, I went to the maternity store at the mall…and it was the best decision I’ve ever made about clothes. Ever ever ever. I think that normally I’m afraid to admit that I don’t know how to put together an outfit, but because pregnancy’s new for me, I didn’t quite mind telling the sales lady that I didn’t know what I was doing. She picked out five million things for me to try on, things I’d never have picked myself, and she could tell me if they looked right or silly. And whether they’d still fit in three more months. And whether it is okay to wear a swimsuit cover as a normal shirt. And whether they had more in the same style…which, of course, they did, because it was an entire maternity store, not just a hidden corner of JC Penney.

In conclusion, I know I paid more than I would have at Target for these clothes (though, surprisingly, not THAT much more), but the help and reassurance was more than worth it. I mean, I feel kind of emotionally volatile anyway; it’s nice to feel confident about one little thing now. So, here are a couple of my first sanctioned maternity pictures in my new, very favorite red tunic top :)

The end.

Up next: Baby Scrum!

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4 Responses to And I thought I hated clothes shopping before…

  1. Chay says:

    You look GORGEOUS!! Excellent idea! Sooo many times I would buy something at a particular store just because of the salesperson’s attitude… I am glad that you were able to find what you were looking for… LOOKING GREAT!!

  2. Laura says:

    You look great!! What was the store called? It’s awesome that they were so helpful!

    • Sarah says:

      It was called Motherhood. It’s a chain for sure; I think there’s also an outlet here, but it’s like an hour away.

      Over the past few days, I’ve gotten more compliments on my maternity clothes at work than on any other clothes I own :)

  3. Kerri says:

    Aw, that’s awesome, sweetie! Maternity clothes are the best, so many of my friends love them! And I’ve actually been to that store too! Lol. And my friend had two rowdy boys with her and they didn’t care :) Wonderful staff, too! Even I felt so included and had so much fun I wanted to try on stuff! Did they have the little vitamin gummies? Or were they morning-sickness candies? :P Can’t remember…

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