I don’t ever post links to things.

Which is why it’s remarkable that I felt like I needed to share this, from xkcd:

The hover text, as always, is the most important part: “I find that when someone’s taking time to do something right in the present, they’re a perfectionist with no ability to prioritize, whereas when someone took time to do something right in the past, they’re a master artisan of great foresight.”

This makes me feel better about multiple conversations that I had today. And my life in general. However, it doesn’t help my stated goal of “overcoming perfectionism,” so I guess it’s a wash.

Meanwhile, I’ve started scanning my photo prints. Out of ~1500, I scanned 13.

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One Response to I don’t ever post links to things.

  1. Laura M. says:

    That is awesome. It reminds me of my coworkers…

    Also, I think that trying to do things right is a noble goal. :)

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