Catching Up Part 1: Albuquerque!

I’m not sure what this introduction paragraph should contain to effectively transition from last month’s advances in spinach to whatever I want to talk about now, so I’m going to skip it.

I went to visit Laura a couple weeks ago! We have somewhat of a pact to try to see each other once a year, but if we procrastinate too much, the holidays get in the way. So, October 1 might not SEEM too last-minute, but it was a closer call than you might think.

As just a little background, we were roommates for four years back in college. Here we were then:

Vampire bunnies...I think...

Maybe it makes more sense in context.

And here we are nowish:

Laura's the one on the ground.

Anyway, here are some highlights from this year’s visit!

  1. Meeting, befriending, and walking this dog:

    Meeting Tigh, as in, Colonel Tigh.

    Befriending Tigh, as in, Colonel Tigh.

    Walking Tigh. I had never walked a dog before. Seriously.

    I let Laura take over dog-walking duties when there were steep mountain cliffs involved.

  2. Watching leaves turn colors, the way they don’t in Texas.

    Yellow leaves.

    Laura taking picture of yellow leaves.

    Posting this picture for symmetry; Laura took an equivalent picture of me.

  3. Running amok at the 40th annual Balloon Fiesta. Although we had to get up at 5:30am to eventually hike 2 miles along the interstate to get there in time for the Mass Ascension, it was pretty magical. In fact, it was probably more magical because we worked so hard to earn it :)

    Walking toward and along I25. We moved faster than the traffic.

    Balloon time! Step 1: spread out balloon and insert air. Here you can see an air bubble going through the balloon.

    Step 2: Insert hot air. It looks like fire.

    Step 3: Stand balloon upright and wait to take off.

    Step 4: Launch!

    Step 5: Watch and admire. I believe there were 550ish balloons in attendance.

We spent the rest of the time eating various burritos and talking about life as grown-ups, just like we used to do in college. Everyone should have a friend like Laura; no matter how much time goes by, we can still relate. It shows you that some constants in life are possible even amidst change, and that’s reassuring.

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One Response to Catching Up Part 1: Albuquerque!

  1. Laura M. says:

    Yay!! I love your pictures showing the sequence of things! :) Tigh misses you. I’m not exciting enough for him on my own.

    It was so fun to have you here! Thanks for braving the hike along the interstate with us. And thanks for being such a good sounding board for talking about life as grown ups! You are exactly right… it’s so nice to have someone who I can always relate to!! :)

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