I’m a published author!

First, an instructive anecdote:

Last summer, when I was transitioning from teaching to my current writing job, I met some people I didn’t know. They asked me where I worked/what I did, to which I responded, “I’m a writer!” And they were like, “Whooooaaa, that’s awesome! Good for you!” And I was like, “Whoooooaaa…really?” And then I suspected that I needed to clarify: “I’m a technical writer.” Indeed, their faces visibly fell, and one lamented, “Oh. I thought you were a journalist or something.”

Moral: Don’t get excited. I haven’t published anything that you’d enjoy reading. *I* don’t even enjoy reading it, especially now that it’s written in internet stone and I can’t ever uncapitalize “Numeric Constant.” Just know that I know that we classify data types as generic terms (and therefore common nouns) even though they’re capitalized on the palettes.

Anyway, LabVIEW 2011 released today, and I wrote the help documentation for some of the new features. I’d tell you which of those links go to my stuff, but then you might read it. Oh well…the Asynchronous Call By Reference documentation was my big contribution to the top 10 feature list. I also covered several of the smaller features listed at the bottom of that page.

It’s a nice feeling to see your work produce something tangible, though it’s unclear whether anyone actually reads the LabVIEW Help or not. Either way, I’ll probably read it to my grandchildren someday. It’ll make a good bedtime story.

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10 years ago, I was a computer science student. 5 years ago, I taught kindergarten. 2 years ago, I trained teachers. Now, I'm a technical writer. I have thoughts about most of these things, but most likely I'll just write about neuroses and why I love Mr. Gatti's pizza. Which might be a neurosis.
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