Status Report: Cancun

In retrospect, I realize that it was silly to tell anyone “hey, we have a blog!” less than 48 hours before we left the country for several days, especially now that I’ve read that you should blog every day if you hope for anyone to continue reading your blog* (though, if you’ve read the FAQ, that’s not the only reason we like to write…except maybe we’re deceiving ourselves about that). Alas, Cancun didn’t have abundant wi-fi, and we left our abundance of network cables at home. All this was probably for the best, but it delayed this explanation: we’ve been in Cancun! And now we’re back, maybe with lots of beach/relaxation/deep thought-inspired things to write about! Or maybe not…we’ll see. Regardless, my status report this week doubles as somewhat of an overview, and we’ll fill in some of the gaps over the next few days.

Over the past week, I…

  • Played on the beach
  • Tried some foods I hadn’t tried before, including but not limited to mussels, caviar, and quail eggs
  • Ordered room service for the first and probably only time
  • Resolved to not think about work for the entire week (excepting the hour I promised to check email tomorrow and the five minutes required each morning to play LabVIEW triVIa)
  • Read 2/3 of The Happiness Project, which felt kind of like a vacation guide for life and was therefore the perfect book to read while reenergizing on the beach. I don’t know if I’ll pursue my own full-fledged “happiness project” as the book encourages, but it definitely makes me want to be more purposeful about certain things, and I look forward to explaining more soon. Also, I’m pretty sure that Greg discovered this book a while back, but I didn’t pick up my copy until it was the absolute only worthwhile book at Target. I probably wouldn’t have recognized it as such had Greg not highlighted it, so thanks Greg! Oh! And it somehow reaffirmed the value of statusy-reporty type things, though I can’t back that up at the moment. You can just trust me.

Finally, I acknowledge that this list still doesn’t contain a lot of specific “doing,” which might seem weird for a vacation. However, Jonathan and I hadn’t had a purely relaxing vacation in probably 4 years, and when I took a moment to think about it one day from my chair on the beach, I realized that we had given ourselves permission to have four of the kind of “perfect” days that we always feel guilty for taking at home. Beach + pina coladas + enjoying each others’ company + nice dinner + more pina coladas = ideal day. It was lovely, so many thanks to Chay and Arturo for giving us such a special gift :)

* I don’t think I actually believe that you have to blog every day to maintain an audience because I certainly read blogs that don’t get updated even weekly. However, I’ve been flaky about “journaling” online before, so…that’s that.

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10 years ago, I was a computer science student. 5 years ago, I taught kindergarten. 2 years ago, I trained teachers. Now, I'm a technical writer. I have thoughts about most of these things, but most likely I'll just write about neuroses and why I love Mr. Gatti's pizza. Which might be a neurosis.
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4 Responses to Status Report: Cancun

  1. Laura M. says:

    You went to Cancun! That’s awesome!! I’m glad you had a nice and relaxing time! Maybe I should read that happiness book…

    • Sarah says:

      I think you’d like it! Sometimes the author’s tone rubbed me a little wrong, but overall, I took lots of notes (I never take notes), and it really did motivate me to do some stuff.

  2. Greg says:

    Glad you liked the book!

    Sounds like a nice relaxing vacation. We need to learn how to do that…

    • Sarah says:

      Well, I’d like to say that relaxing came naturally, but I actually felt kind of guilty until Tuesday for not snorkeling/sightseeing/shopping. However, it dawned on me that this kind of tropical nothingness is a luxury that might never again be available once we have kids because THEY won’t be able to tolerate nothing until they’re 30 themselves…so…yeah :)

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