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Once upon a time, we got this blog, and two minutes later, we forgot about it. For my part, I was busy writing all day (and sometimes all night) for work, so I didn’t have much time to brainstorm ideas for blog entries. Nowadays, work is a lot less busy, and in less than 24 hours we might finally be done with wedding thank-you notes, so I might have some writing energy left over for this. Yay this.

Also, it has come to my attention that the most interesting blogs are either a) about something or b) written by Laura, so I realized that I should maybe define something to write about (because, if you don’t already know me, I’m not Laura). In addition to maybe being more interesting, about-somethingness might also focus my attention, thereby increasing the chances that I’ll write more than this one entry. It’s an almost-proven hypothesis that limiting your choices helps free you from indecision. So I’m going to do that.

The problem is, our life is somewhat themeless at the moment. We lack kids or fully formed hobbies, we’re not world class philosophers, and some of us aren’t clever enough to make lolcats. Here are some things, though, that I might be able to write more than two sentences about:

  1. Battling against perfectionism–That probably sounds really boring, but Jonathan, an unlicensed psychologist, speculates that perfectionism causes 72% of all our problems in life. I thought that maybe if we planned to write a book about how we overcame perfectionism, we might be motivated to actually overcome it. However, being a perfectionist, I was also pretty sure we’d never write a perfect book about anything, so I then thought I should lower my ambitions and try to write the perfect blog about it. Or the perfect blog entry about it. Or the perfect sentence about it.
  2. Food and exercise–I used to write about this here, but if I pretend that I didn’t do that, it might feel fresh and exciting. Jonathan and I started getting CSA boxes a couple weeks ago, so if I demonstrate that the CSA boxes provide blogging material, he might let me keep getting them.
  3. Artistic ventures–In our pursuit of hobbies, we started pretending to do art on a regular basis via “art nights.” Because topic #1 sometimes creates a major mental roadblock for this endeavor, we make some people come over to do art (and/or drink wine) with us, and that motivates us to at least try. Also, our recent discovery of Perler beads has provided the perfect perfectable art form. Seriously, a robot could do this. Maybe our next hobby should be building that robot.
  4. Work/life balance–I left the teaching world to become a tech writer in pursuit of the elusive “work/life balance,” but after a self-induced overtime marathon between January and May, I’ve come to realize that I’m probably my own root problem. Although I actually like my job now (a lot) and therefore WANT to work crazy hours some of the time, I acknowledge the need to draw a line somewhere, both for my own mental health and for Jonathan. If I chronicle my efforts here, that line might seem more concrete.
  5. Status updates–Related to topic#4, briefly jotting down what I’ve been doing every couple of weeks will help me see if I’m actually doing anything other than work. This idea comes from work where it’s always reassuring to turn in my status report.

So that’s that, a rough outline of my blogging future. But really, it’s not…Sherry (a wise person I used to teach with who also alerted me to Mama’s Fish House in Maui) once taught me that you shouldn’t do all your brainstorming at the same time because your best ideas often come after you take a break. So, because I’m obligated to live my life by everything I’ve ever learned, I’m giving myself permission to update this list at any time. Which really subverts my goal of narrowing my choices. But whatever.

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10 years ago, I was a computer science student. 5 years ago, I taught kindergarten. 2 years ago, I trained teachers. Now, I'm a technical writer. I have thoughts about most of these things, but most likely I'll just write about neuroses and why I love Mr. Gatti's pizza. Which might be a neurosis.
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